What’s your body shape?

Apples and Pears? Triangles and Squares? We’re referring to your body shape. We’re not just naming different fruits and geometric shapes for the sake of it and we’re not talking cockney either!

When it comes to plus size clothing, a lot of women have trouble finding garments that fit their body shape. A top might be too tight around the bust and a pair of trouser might be baggy around the thighs. But on someone else they may fit perfectly. This is because there are vast differences in body shape within the plus size market.

This is what manufacturers have to consider when designing new garments. They have to find the right balance where two women who are the same size but with different shapes can pick up the same garment and it fits both of them correctly.

I have walked into countless stores , tried on clothes and walked out unhappy because their garments just don’t fit me right. And on the other hand, I have walked into a store, found a top that fits me perfectly and hugs me in all the right places and bought it in 3 or 4 different colours!

You just have to find what fits. We’ve had a number of testimonies from our customers who are happy with our products. We strive to please all of our clients.

Emily Clothing x