We’re loving our new Tunic Tops

At Emily Clothing, we listen to our customers.

We constantly receive lovely messages from our customers about our huge stock range. We take pride in providing you with the best quality of service as well as products. Our main top sellers are dresses, tops, trousers and jackets.

But most all of all, our tunic tops have to rank the highest on top sellers and range. We have a huge range of tunic tops available for our customers. There are different colours as well as styles to suit everyone. They do so well because they can be worn throughout the year e.g. under a cardigan in the winter or on it’s own on warmer days. This versatility enables us to sell them all year round which is why we have such a vast range in stock.

We have just had some new editions ready for the change in seasons. Please feel free to have a look.

Emily Clothing x