Does the weather effect your mood?

It’s summerrrrr!

But it may not have felt like it the last few days with all the rain! Studies show that the weather can have a profound affect on our moods. The NHS have information sheets about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is exactly what we’re talking about. And it gets worse when our summers are cut short with overcast skies and heavy down pours. That’s the UK for you!

You can also get confused with what to wear. We have all been caught the last few days wearing our summer dresses and being drenched from the unusual showers and downfalls. How do we get around this?

Well one way would be to follow what we’ve blogged about previously and wear layers. But keep to airy and light fabrics like linen and cotton. Let the body breathe. Wear bright colours to give you a sense of the season we should be having and feel better about yourself.

Don’t let the weather bring you down!

Emily Clothing x