How will Black Friday Effect the UK?

We at Emily Clothing are offering sales on garments starting from blouses to leggings, from coats to jeans, tunics and dresses. With also being the biggest plus size clothing range on the net, just choose your favorite item from the list and we will deliver it to you within great times. Black Friday, the biggest shopping day, has been approaching. It has been predicted that Black Friday 2015 will be the UK’s very first £1 billion online shopping day, so we are preparing ourselves for this biggest online shopping day and feeling enthusiastic to welcome our customers. Emily Clothing constantly update our products according to our customer’s lifestyle and taste.

Black Friday, formally an American shopping day, is on 27th November 2015 and it is making its mark as the UK’s biggest shopping day. Now many brands that were not quite interested in it before are joining in for the promotion of their products too. Black Friday followed by cyber Monday as well were the days at which UK’s trade touched its peak, reported commerce consultancy Salmon. Last year shoppers rushed to the online shops where 50% more sales took place than expected. And then after black Friday significant sales were also seen on busiest online shopping day, the cyber Monday. Now this year black Friday has been promoted by national press coverage so there are high chances this day will lead to the first £1bn online shopping day in the UK’s history.

Due to the huge sale on this day in the previous year, there is an increase in awareness of this day and retailers also enhanced their available deals. It is predicted that the sales would increase four times this year as compared to 2014’s black Friday. Although it would be the lucky day for them but there would be a great rush on everything from website performance to ordering systems so customers need to get themselves prepared. In order to avoid this surge Salmon experts have created ‘The Black Friday and Peak Trading Ecommerce Operations Playbook’, a guide book for supporting several UK retailer’s peak operations.

Basic recommendations in this guide book are:
1: Predict the size of site visitors.
2: Go for capacity testing.
3: Publicize full market plan.
4: Fulfill operational responsibilities.
5: Develop contingencies for volume surges.

It has been reported that Two-thirds of UK shoppers were unimpressed by retailers’ preparations for the manic demand on the day last year.

Last year many buyers abandoned their purchases because such a huge shopping was unpredicted. So there was a lot of crowd waiting on holding pages, browsing speed also decreased and many issues on popular websites was reported due to increased traffic.

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