Tess Holliday – Plus Size Girl Power!

We’re celebrating Tess’ triumph in becoming the first plus-size model to be signed to a major agency. At a size 22 and looking fabulous, she has opened doors to the plus size industry and hopefully opening people’s perception on the female body.

She has been known in the modelling world for some time now since she was named one of the top 6 plus size models in world in 2013. That same year she started a plus size revolution on Twitter pushing positivity towards plus size women.

It goes without saying that she will be a key role model for all plus size women out there and hopefully showing them not to hide their beauty but to show it off. We love this kind of positivity for women and love to shout and rave about it!

Well Done Tess Holliday! Keep on knocking those obstacles down with your confidence and beauty!

Emily Clothing x