SLiNK Plus Size Magazine – Do we need it?

With the UK accommodating over 4 million plus size women and today’s average fashion magazines targeting out of this scope, has SLiNK Magazine found a niche that will be greeted with open arms?

Some may say that it will merely compartmentalise plus size women more than they already are. However, it could also open up the subject and bring a well needed presence amongst the market to help educate people. In turn, helping women accept themselves and the way they look, which is never a bad thing. Even for the slimmer lady. Women who do not fall under the plus size bracket still have their insecurities and picking up a magazine like this will help them too.

We like the idea of SLiNK. And we like the hope it brings to the plus size fashion world.

Let’s hope it is embraced by all.

Emily Clothing x