Plus Size Clothing Service or Product?

Service or Product?

After ordering my latest Emily clothing business cards from one of my regular print suppliers, who, may I add has both a great product and service, I asked myself, if I had to choose, which would be more important to me, service or the actual product?

If a companies product is really good but their service really bad does this stop me purchasing from them? I for one believe it depends on the product and if I require much after care. I would have an issue buying a product such as hosting for my plus size clothing website from a company that has great hosting servers but would not supply the adequate support when and if it went down, this is when service is the main concern!

However, if a company serving the best dim sum in town means having to deal with waiting in line and eventually having to deal with a little abruptness while being served, I think this small price is worth it, for such fantastic food. Flipping things however, I am more inclined to put up with a little less dim sum for a much more welcoming and better service in the nice Italian next door.

When a product is a necessity to your business and the service is a big part of that product, then product and service must go hand in hand. There is no substitute for either.

Here at Emily Clothing, all our wholesale plus-size products are of the highest quality and the service before and after the sale is always of the highest possible standard. We have built our entire business structure on this ethos and we have a loyal and happy client base to back this up.

Dim sum anyone?

Emily Clothing x