Plus-size tips from

If Oprah gave you some tips, wouldn’t you listen?

We have found some top fashion tips for plus size women by that we wholeheartedly agree with and would like to share with you all. Here are some of them:

Wear clothes that are your true size

It can be easy to buy baggier clothes to hide those bits that you hate. But bigger clothes can actually make you look larger. So make sure you get measured up or try before you buy. But don’t wear anything too tight fitting as it can make you look uncomfortable.

Incorporate a pop of colour

We especially like this tip as we only just mentioned this in our last post!

Trend Thoughtfully

Very true! Trends don’t suit everybody. Pick and choose wisely.

Don’t underestimate your undergarments!

Invest in good quality undergarments that will support your shape to accentuate your curves.

Say “yes” to lingerie

Lingerie makes all the difference for your mind set. It can change your mood and the way your feeling. It really can!

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

One of the most important tips. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewellery. Just a nice bracelet, necklace or clutch bag can make ALL the difference. Don’t forget the shoes.

All credits go to for these tips. We think they’re great. We hope you do too.

Emily Clothing x