Plus Size Question!

Should the big named stores be offering more Ladies Plus Size fashion garments to their customers? The answer is a clear yes. The plus size is, mind the pun, growing! So we believe that these stores are missing a (big) trick!

The UK plus size market is increasing year in year out, with many shoppers having to look online for the best deals. Websites offering clothes for the larger lady are popping up online all the time.

With the UK having the highest percentage recorded obese women, the competition for the best oversize, plus size keywords on google is very fierce.

So why aren’t the big stores following suit? Do they know something we don’t, is the world all of a sudden going to have a shortage of food, forcing all larger ladies who don’t fit into the skinny super model cut out to lose weight?

Well we for one hope not, as a world without sexy larger woman will be a much less beautiful place to live!

Emily Clothing x