The myth and perception of the “ perfect body ”

At the start of this week, I asked one of our work experience girls, Sophia 15 to write her own thoughts on the topic titled above. We liked her thoughts so much that we decided to post her words on our plus size wholesale clothing blog.

I thought it was important to show a young person’s point of view, as these young people are the future of our industry, our lives and our moral vehicles!

Well done Sophia…


As we grow up, we are taught that everybody is unique and perfect in their own way, whether it is in regards to our talents, personality, or looks. However, as a teen interested in fashion and almost glued to social networking sites, I can see that over time, society has created the (slowly becoming more) slim approach of the so-called perfect body.

In comparison to what the media shows us, whether it is through television, magazines or the internet, our bodies are never quite the same or quite right in comparison to certain celebrities such as models or musical artists. This is because we are ourselves, in a sense that we have our own bodies and shouldn’t be pressured into wanting to change that because of the image, shown by the media of the ideal body.

The image of the so-called perfect body is constantly being changed by society and the media, and more recently is starting to shrink. Years ago we were being shown such beautiful women as the famous, loved sex symbol and the naturally gorgeous and curvy Maralyn Monroe. In comparison to the small and slim sized models and artists we are shown to aspire to today. With so many different images of what real women are supposed to look like floating around many women have become truly unhappy with their figure and size, whether it is that they find themselves too slim, or the complete opposite, which in my opinion, is not right at all.

I believe that you should love your body exactly how it is, because when or if you become the ideal body size that you have aspired to become through society and the media, suddenly the image of the perfect body changes and you will find yourself unhappy again. Learn to love yourself the exact way you are, because changing will get you nowhere.

Written by Sophia, 15