Marilyn Monroe, worlds most famous sex symbol (plus size too)!

In a world that seems to be judged on the “body perfect” and is ready to sell you quick weight loss methods that a majority of aren’t healthy for body or mind, lets remember the worlds most famous sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, an all curvy plus size naturally beautiful woman.

So this is my quick note that underlines that big is most definitely beautiful! As long as your health is as good as it can be then wear your curves with pride and leave the photoshopping of super skinny models to the magazine sellers.

We mustn’t forget what is important in life and not take for granted that we are all beautiful no matter what plus size clothes we wear!

All hale Marilyn Monroe the queen of sex symbol status that will not be overthrown by any other for a very very long time.

Happy Birthday Mr President!

Emily Clothing x