We just love Maxi Dresses

As the nights slowly grow shorter (finally!) after the winter solstice in December, we can slowly but surely look forward to longer days. We may be getting ahead of ourselves here but we like to see this as a sign that winter is coming to a close and summer is in our sights! One can only hope!

The last few summer seasons have seen maxi dresses flourish in it’s entirety and we just love them. Depending on the accessories accompanying the outfit, maxi dresses can be made to fit the casual or stylish occasion. And their design accompanies the plus size shape tremendously, bringing in the waist under the bust accentuating the voluptuous figure.

Their fluid nature has allowed this garment to stick around since the 60’s and we don’t see them budging one bit in the summers to come. Especially now that they are available in so many varieties.

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Emily Clothing x