£20k Designer Kid

Having 3 young children myself, I was fascinated when I came across the story of a single mother who had spent £20,000 on her 6 year old son and his designer clothes!

So let’s get technical and break this down a little, 6 years that’s approximately £3,400 a year, £280.00 a month! Now, if you throw in birthday money, christmas money from family etc it doesn’t seem as a big a deal as when I first read it. I’m no way saying that this isn’t a lot of money, anyone with children knows how expensive life can be, but is it news worthy?

Recently I spent a little bit of time in the Hermes store and as you know, you can quite easily spend £20,000 on one bag, ok, it will be better behaved and would probably complement your dress a little more than a screaming 6 year old! However, this reminded me of the single mother and how spending £20,000 on dressing your child in designer gear equates to spending on a bag? Surely by some, they are both seen as accessories, something to be seen with! I’ve seen my daughters and how they know exactly what they want to wear and when, this has nothing to do with brand or cost.

For me this just underlines the need for our media to find a story and try and glorify it as much as possible just to fill in space that they can sell advertising space around. Equally shows us a society all to willing to sell their stories to the media for their 5 minutes of fame.

The new Emily Clothing child range launching soon, price ranging from £6,000 to £14,000 :^P